Brief introduction of hydraulic hose pressure blasting test

In order to ensure the working performance of the hydraulic hose, the burst pressure of the hydraulic hose needs to be tested. The following introduces the relevant knowledge of the hydraulic hose pressure burst test bench produced by our company.
Product Introduction
Hydraulic hose pressure burst test bench test Blasting machine burst test pressure up to 1300bar, mainly used for hydraulic hose burst test, pressure test, leak test. The test bench uses water as the test medium and can be recycled. The entire piping system adopts a non-welded connection and a tapered surface seal, which can be dismantled repeatedly and easy to use. The device is equipped with an over-pressure alarm function. When the pressure in the test circuit changes suddenly, the device automatically alarms. When it exceeds the safety range, the device automatically stops. Can choose computer control or manual control. Computer control can control the test pressure, test temperature, and test times.
Product advantages
1. The pressure blasting test bench has the advantage of power failure protection.
2. Computer-controlled car brake hose pressure burst test bench can store various data.
3. Wide adjustment range and high pressure control accuracy.
4. The hose burst tester can record faults and automatically lock the logic.
 5. Different sizes of water tanks can be customized. The water tanks are made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust, and has good thermal insulation performance.
 The technical parameters
1. Tritium blasting test bench Test medium: Water tritium
2. Test bench test pressure range: 0-1300bar
3. Operation mode: manual button operation, computer automatic control
4. Pressure accuracy of blasting test bench: 0.01Mpa