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    How to Choose the Appropriate Hose Crimping Machine?

    This piece is going to introduce you the hose crimping machine , and guide you on how the select the appropriate hose crimping machine for your crimping needs. We, Orientflex, are mainly manufacturing and exporting various types of hoses, h...

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    Causes of high pressure hose joint leakage

    The application of high-pressure hose is very extensive, in coal, petroleum and other industries. If the joint of the high-pressure hose leaks, it will cause great losses and even cause personal injury. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent...

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    Hose assembly processing technology and equipment

    1 Cut tube : 1.1 According to the hose assembly code, receive the hose connector and hose of the correct specification and model; 1.2 According to the total length of the hose assembly to be withheld and the specifications and models of the...

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    Maintenance of hydraulic tubing crimping machine

    working principle The oil pump is driven by the motor and outputs hydraulic oil to push the piston in the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate left and right, so that the pressure block pushes the mold base, so that the mold base can produce r...

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    What is the maintenance process of the shrinking machine?

    1. Preparation before commissioning of the hose crimping machine: ① The gun head is connected to the shrinking machine, and the two oil pipes, a water pipe and a cable of the high-pressure hose are respectively connected to the interface...

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    Working principle of withholding machine

    There are various kinds of pipe lock products on the market. In order to improve the mechanical accuracy and life of the crimping machine, our company not only selects high-quality alloy steel materials for the locking mechanism components,...

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    Brief introduction of hose crimping machine

    The crimping machin e is a kind of hydraulic equipment for crimping the pipe assembly. The crimping machine applies pressure to the matching metal joint through the mold, so as to crimp the metal joint on the matching hose. The crimping mac...

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    Advantages of pipe locking machine and precautions for use

    As an important machine in the process of hose assembly processing, the pipe locking machine has its own unique advantages. At the same time, there are many matters needing attention in the process of using the pipe locking machine. The fol...