What are the three steps of the maintenance work of crimping

What are the three steps of the maintenance work of crimping machine?

The maintenance work of crimping machine includes the following three steps:
To strengthen the maintenance work of the crimping machine to prevent misinsurance and prevent leakage. Due to improper maintenance is one of the main causes of crimping machine failure, maintenance work must be enforced. It is necessary to draw up a practical and effective maintenance plan in accordance with the instructions for the maintenance of the crimping machine, and to carry out technical backchecks to check the implementation of the maintenance at any time.Therefore, the maintenance work should be started from the source. And to prevent maintenance by repairing.
To strengthen the daily inspection work of the crimping The results of the inspection should be recorded in detail. Not only should the records of maintenance and change of parts be included in the past, but also the records of daily use and workload should be included. In order to analyze and judge the fault of the crimpingmachine and eliminate the hidden trouble in time and accurately.
The situation should be grasped in time, the overall situation should be understood, a reasonable and detailed maintenance plan should be made, and the maintenance operation should be carried out. Direction and supervision of procurement activities to avoid unnecessary maintenance and waste of costs.