Precautions for use of crimping machine

    In the process of using the crimping  machine, the process must be strictly followed to avoid accidents. The following is a brief introduction to the precautions when using crimping  machine.
1. The operator must operate according to the process specifications.
2. After the machine is stopped, the power must be turned off.
3. When changing the mold, it must be carried out after the machine is stopped.
4. The joint surface of the mold base and the mold should be kept clean and there should be no hard objects such as metal shavings.
5. Inject lubricant into the slope of the mold base before starting the machine.
6. The set screw must be tightened before installing the module.
7. The pressure regulating valve must be adjusted to the specified pressure.
8. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the inside when working.
9. Electrical safety regulations must be observed when servicing electrical parts.
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