Pipe cutting machine use precautions

1. Pipe cutting machine is suitable for cutting various materials, especially for hydraulic pipe cutting;
2, cutting fast, no burr and the cutting opening is perpendicular to the axis of the pipe;
3. The clamping jaws made of stainless steel are suitable for self-centering clamping systems with a wide range of pipe diameters;
4. The cutting blade of the automatic pipe cutting machine is very close to the clamping system, which can avoid the vibration of the pipe, even if the thin-walled pipe or the small-diameter pipe is cut to ensure no deformation;
5. The pipe cutting machine is compact and light and easy to carry, which is very suitable for on-site installation or workshop work;
6, the setup is simple and fast;

Before cutting the pipe cutter, adjust the tool and clamp the work. The parking baffle should be fixed and can be operated after being tested in sequence, such as clamping, loosening, forward and backward.
When the machine is turning, no part of the human body should touch the transmission parts. When operating, it is necessary to tie the cuffs and work with gloves. Do a good job of security protection.learn more about  identify the crimping machine.