The difference between manual and automatic crimping machine

       The crimping machine has an oil pump driven by the motor, and outputs hydraulic oil. The piston in the clamping cylinder is pushed forward, so that the two sliding surfaces on the piston and the front end cover are symmetrically and radially contracted, thereby realizing the clamping of the module to the rubber hose. According to different powers, the crimping machine can be divided into two types: manual crimping and automatic crimping.
       The manual crimping machine is composed of a pressure gauge and a manual control valve. The crimping of the joint and the oil pipe and the rubber hose is mainly to judge the quality of the hose assembly by the pressure gauge.
       The automatic crimping machine is controlled by a mechanical cursor micrometer and electrical system when crimping the pipe fittings. When using, change the mold debugging size, and then automatically complete the crimping through the button, automatically open the mold, saving time and effort.learn more about  identify the crimping machine.