How to use the crimping machine

Buckle machine installation and commissioning:
    The hose crimping  machine  is suitable for handling by forklift and is forced by the bottom of the tube press. The tube press is strictly prohibited from being inverted. It is strictly forbidden to lift the pressure pipe head and the motor and electrical box parts.

The hose crimping machine  should be placed horizontally on a stable foundation and grounded. Filling: Open the fuel tank cap and add 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil to the oil level 2/3 position.
Power connection:

Connect the power cable to the power supply specified by the pressure tube machine, start the motor to observe the steering, and the motor steering should be consistent with the direction marked by the motor. If the direction of the motor is not the same as the direction of the mark, please change the position of the two power lines.
Micrometer: used to adjust the amount of shrinkage of the crimping hose. Press 1mm counterclockwise for half a week and 1mm for half a week clockwise.
Pressure adjustment: The maximum pressure of the tube press system is 31.5Mpa, which is adjusted by the relief valve. The pressure is increased clockwise, and the pressure is reduced counterclockwise (it has been adjusted at the factory and can be adjusted if necessary).
Mold opening speed adjustment: the speed of the mold opening speed is controlled by the diverter valve, clockwise adjustment, the opening speed is increased, counterclockwise adjustment, the opening speed is slowed, but the opening speed is too fast, the noise will increase, the most The good value is not more than 10Mpa (it has been adjusted at the factory and can be adjusted if necessary). Buckle machine pressure pipe case buckle Ф 19mm four-layer steel wire hose (Italian Manuli 4uli standard)
   From the hydraulic oil pipe crimping parameter table, the outer diameter of the Ф19mm four-layer steel hose joint is 37mm, and the buckle is 33.5mm. The inner diameter of the mold should be Ф33mm, corresponding to the micrometer scale of 3. Install the Ф33mm mold on the mold base, and rotate the micrometer scale to 3 places, and then peel the hose and assemble it with the joint. After the crimping is completed, the outer diameter of the joint is measured. The value of the crimping parameter table is 33.5 mm, and the crimping is completed. If the outer diameter does not match after the crimping, fine-tune the micrometer and then press the next hose.
    When crimping the hose joint: the crimping size is too much, the rubber layer inside the hose is crushed, causing oil leakage; the crimping size is too small, causing oil leakage and being hydraulically pressed out of the joint. It is necessary to grasp the reasonable degree of crimping, which is based on the shrinkage of the inner core of the joint core. The GB joint is compressed by 0.1~0.4mm, and the common joint is compressed by 0.1~2mm. Due to the different manufacturers of hoses and joint jackets, such as GB standard in most rubber production plants in the north, 602 standards in the south, and SAE standards in foreign countries, the specific dimensions and materials of hoses and joints of different factories may not be the same, so the data of the buckle parameter table For reference only, the specific crimping size should be based on pressure experiments.Learn more about cutting machine use precautions.