Introduction of the hose crimping machine open sequence

      Before running the hose crimping machine , be sure to clear the pump sequence first, so that no leaks are safe. The use of hose lock pipe machine is good or bad. To understand the product correctly, we can guarantee that the machine will serve us better. As a professional manufacturer of lock pipe machine, let me show you the correct pumping sequence of the hose crimping  machine:

      First of all: Before opening the hose crimping machine , we need to carry out a detailed inspection of some components that need to be opened. These components include the pump, the valve product on the pipeline, the water storage tank, and the gas storage tank. And the circulation gate valve, etc., in the determination that these components can be normally opened to a precise initial orientation, the next step we can open the bleed valve above the pump head of the lock pipe pump, some of the cooling water valve above its lubricating oil pump .
     Secondly, before the official use of the lube locker pump's lube pump, we need to open the lube pump first and then let it test for about one minute to two minutes. The test operation needs to determine the oil pressure of the lube pump. Between 0.15 MPa and 2:00 MPa, after a period of operation, the lubrication indicator on the lubricating oil pump will normally open. So when the indicator light is stable, we will be able to open the locking machine. The main motor of the pump.

     Finally: in the future, after determining that the hose crimping machine  can work normally, it is necessary to close the electromagnet power supply on the circulation valve and then plug in the power plug for repressing operation. At this time, the locker pump is The water level will rise initially. When it is determined that the water level has reached level 4 or above, we can close the electromagnet switch above the liquid level valve. When the water level reaches the seventh level, the hydraulic press of the lock tube pump will work normally. .