Introduction of the hose skiving machine

Peeling machine, also known as skiving machine, its main function is to peel off the outer plastic of the hose when using the crimping machine to process the high-pressure hose assembly. We all know that the high-pressure hose is composed of many layers of glue. So the peeling machine Accuracy is very important, and the bottom hose cannot be accidentally damaged when peeling. Many customers who make high-pressure hose assemblies like to buy both crimpers and peelers.
A qualified stripping machine can prevent the internal hose from being accidentally damaged during operation, and there is no loose head after use. Due to the non-standardization of manual work, the surface of the hose is often uneven, resulting in uneven force between the joint and the hose after crimping, which affects the sealing performance of the hose, and the quality will have serious problems. The circumferential surface of the hose treated by the stripping machine is uniform and can meet the requirements of roundness. After being combined with the outer casing, the bonding surfaces of the two are tight and the force is uniform, and the manufactured hose assembly has no quality. Defects.

Skiving machines have many advantages. On the one hand, it can improve work efficiency. In the past, large-scale stripping operations relied on manpower, and the efficiency and lowness, coupled with the instability of artificial peeling, easily affected the crimping step of the next crimping machine. The stripping machine produced by our company follows the precision manufacturing process of the previous crimping machine. It can also peel the outer rubber hose and also has the function of stripping the inner rubber. The stripping machine utilizes the nano-knife system to enable the stripping blade to slide along the outer surface of the hose wire layer without dead angles, thereby eliminating the problem of damage and uneven stripping of the hose wire. The use of stripping machines can greatly increase production and reduce labor costs. On the other hand, the safety is high, the stripping machine installs the separating bearing between the 360-degree rotating rod and the mandrel, and the core rod does not rotate with the rotating arm, so that the operation is safer and more stable. The machine is equipped with a leakage protector at the same time, which has a power-off protection function, which can effectively prevent accidental start-up, which further improves the safety of the peeler when adjusting the machine or without protection.
As a good helper for the crimping machine, the Skiving machine plays a pivotal role in the production of the hose. It is believed that with the innovation of the tube press, the technology and process of the stripping machine will be more perfect.