How to extend the life of the crimping machine

The hydraulic hose crimping machine  is a frequently used tool in the production of hydraulic pipes. However, it is not uncommon to shorten the life or even cause an accident due to improper use. As a professional manufacturer of lock pipe machine, let's explain how to use the lock machine correctly to extend the use time.

The hydraulic hose crimping machine  mechanically urges the steel pipe to rotate and heats it at one end of the steel pipe, and uses the required forming die to make the hot steel pipe head until it forms the shape of the steel pipe required by itself. If the shrinking machine manufacturer does not replace these devices in time, the safety risks in production will increase and the possibility of accidents will increase.
If we want to extend the life of the hydraulic hose crimping machine , we must use the lock machine produced by the lock machine manufacturer. After the tube is fixed on the lock tube machine, the heating starts. When the temperature reaches the desired temperature, the mold is pushed onto the steel tube and the tube head is formed.

In the daily use of the hydraulic hose crimping machine, we must always keep the pipe locker system clean and timely replace the metal waste and accumulated oil stains; when replacing the oil, follow the oil change reference standard in the instruction manual. And when changing the oil, the parts inside the lock tube machine should be cleaned first to avoid the impurities from being mixed into the new oil. In the normal storage, the oil storage container must also be cleaned to prevent pollution.