Development process of hydraulic hose crimping machine

The rubber stripping machine is a special equipment for removing the glue or outer layer of the crimping part before the high-pressure hose is pressed according to the pressing. The hose stripping machine plays a vital role in the process of making the hose assembly. As a professional stripping machine, our company's designers witnessed the development of domestic stripping machines.

From the earliest belt stripping machine to the latest elastic stripping machine, our products have developed over the decades. The first generation of stripping machine produced by our company directly drives the cloth grinding wheel to strip the rubber. This stripping efficiency is high, but the workers are unsafe to operate and the working environment is poor. The rubber chips are scattered around and cannot meet the working environment of the site. Claim. The second generation of stripping machine gradually replaced by a motor driven by a V-belt, which can meet the general requirements of stripping after several years of use. However, the equipment is noisy and unsafe to meet the requirements of today's production of hoses. Assembly requirements.
Then the third generation of worm and worm stripping machine was born. The third generation of stripping machine used worm and worm reducer to drive the stripping knife to rotate, which greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers and greatly improved the safety. The appearance of the machine made it become the object of imitation of the manufacturers of the stripping machine all over the country, and became the classic model at that time.
Through timely return visits by customers and on-site inspections, as well as feedback from users, the designers of our company found that although the machine is simple and efficient in use, it has difficulty in handling eccentric hoses. In order to solve this problem, the designers of the technical department have undergone numerous trials and repeated arguments to replace the worm gear reducer with a new type of reducer with smoother and no-noise transmission on the original third-generation stripping machine. In the feeding aspect, the elastic feeding is selected, and the feeding is stripped, so that the rubber layer outside the steel layer can be completely peeled off during the stripping process, the steel wire is exposed, and the steel wire does not blow the head, and the efficiency is extremely high. The safety protection device has been added, and the function of opening and closing the power is provided to ensure the safety of the operator. The new elastic stripping machine rod is improved, and the built-in stripping inner knife and the inner rubber stripping can be easily completed on the machine. And built-in waste bin, it is environmentally friendly and convenient. Through the improvement of the stripping machine core rod, the built-in stripping inner knife and the inner rubber stripping can be easily completed on the machine, and the steel wire is clean and does not hurt. As soon as the aircraft went on the market, it was welcomed by the majority of users.
In the course of decades of development, our company's employees have been brave enough to innovate in the use of products and produce a series of exquisite products. It is believed that Haitek designers who are pursuing excellence in the near future will definitely design a more perfect stripping machine and a series of equipment for making hose assemblies.