Introduction to high quality crimping machine

The lock pipe crimping machine is a machine for crimping the pipe assembly, which applies the contraction force of the matched metal joint through the die of the crimping machine, and firmly presses the metal joint on the matched rubber hose. The lock pipe machine is suitable for the crimping of various types of hoses of various types of machinery, and is widely used in industries such as vehicles, engineering machinery, home appliances, welding and cutting equipment. At present, the products on the market are not well-matched. In order to better meet the needs of consumers, the company has designed and manufactured a variety of models of lock pipe machine products, with high precision and can buckle various forms, caliber hose joints.
The characteristics of each series of crimping machines produced by the company are as follows:
1.the operation principle of the double hydraulic circuit is adopted, that is, the advance and retreat of the piston and the opening and contraction movement of the mold rely on the power generated by the hydraulic source. It not only moves smoothly, but also has a fast return stroke. It does not happen like a spring return, so that the mold can not be opened and locked. Moreover, the cylinder locking system design is front and rear through, which is easy to buckle various shaped elbows. In terms of the crimp size control, he changed the traditional method of adjusting the pressing size by adjusting the pressure, and added a dial adjuster with a scale accuracy of 0.01 mm to control the crimping size

2.the hydraulic system consists of a motor, a plunger pump, a solenoid valve, a pressure regulating valve and a hydraulic control valve. It has a double hydraulic circuit with forward and backward movement, and a fast oil drain is added to the double hydraulic circuit. Achieve faster return times with adjustable speed, reduced noise and system pressure. the electrical control system, the control circuit is suitable for integrated printed circuit, which is easy to repair, easy to maintain, and easy to replace.

4.In the control of the buckle size, the principle of the displacement control method is used, and the scale adjustment plate is used to control the buckle size, so that the scale value of the disc system can be adjusted by the scale to correspond to the buckle size, and the precision reaches 0.01 mm. The crimping operation is convenient and easy to grasp, avoiding the original method of adjusting the pressure of the system to control the crimping size, and the existing crimping size control is inaccurate (the amount of crimping is affected by factors such as length of time, temperature change, material hardness, tolerance, etc.) And different), also changed the way of pressing that requires experience to operate.
5. The crimping die and the mold base adopt the processing method without cumulative error, and adopt the numerical control wire cutting processing technology to ensure that the buckle lines of the product after pressing are evenly spaced and the ovality is small. order to ensure the mechanical precision and life of the crimping machine, not only the alloy steel material but also the unique heat treatment process is used on the locking mechanism component, which breaks the limit of the ultra-high hardness of the alloy steel material. The products that are crimped are not rounded, tapered, and crimped, and are kept in the precision index for a long time. Therefore, the products produced by our company can have higher precision and longer service life, and the selection, heat treatment, mechanical processing technology and structure. The rationality is inseparable.