Locking machine cylinder failure solution

In the daily use process, the lock cylinder is sometimes subject to partial failure due to irregular operation of the user. As a professional manufacturer of lock pipe machine, I would like to share with you that if the operation of the cylinder is out of order, you can start troubleshooting from these aspects:
(1) The hydraulic system control pressure is too low. The throttling resistance in the control line may be too large, the flow valve is improperly adjusted, the control pressure is not suitable, and the pressure source is disturbed. At this point, the control pressure source should be checked to ensure that the pressure is adjusted to the specified value of the system;
(2) Air entering the hydraulic system. Mainly because of leaks in the system. At this time, check the liquid level of the hydraulic tank, the seals and pipe joints on the suction side of the hydraulic pump, and whether the suction strainer is too dirty. If so, add hydraulic oil, handle seals and fittings, and clean or replace the coarse filter.
(3) The initial movement of the hydraulic cylinder is slow. In the case of a low temperature, the hydraulic oil has a large viscosity and poor fluidity, resulting in a slow movement of the hydraulic cylinder. The improvement method is to replace the hydraulic oil with better viscosity and temperature performance.
(4) Poor lubrication of the cylinder or abnormal machining of the cylinder bore. This situation must be reported to the manufacturer because the piston and the cylinder, the guide rail and the piston rod have relative motion. If the lubrication is poor or the cylinder bore is out of tolerance, It will aggravate the wear and reduce the linearity of the center line of the cylinder. Thus, when the piston is operated in a hydraulic cylinder, the frictional resistance will be large and small, causing slippage or creeping. The solution is to first grind the hydraulic cylinder, then prepare the piston according to the requirements, repair the piston rod, and configure the guide sleeve.Learn more about crimping machine.