Locking machine installation and debugging process

The hose crimping machine  is a common machine in hose processing, but do you really know about it? Do you know how the crimping mahcine  is installed and debugged? As a professional manufacturer of hose crimping machine, let me introduce the process of installation and commissioning of the hose crimping machine.
 1. Handling: First move the machine to the designated location, and it should be handled by forklift or moving bar. The body is not allowed to tilt during handling. It is strictly forbidden to lift the lock and the ruler.
 2. Installation: During the installation process, the machine should be fixed horizontally on a stable foundation and grounded.
 3. Filling the oil: Open the casing and add enough anti-wear hydraulic oil to the tank.
4. Connect the power: Connect the power cable to the power supply specified by the hose crimping machine, and start the motor to observe the direction of rotation. The direction of the motor should be consistent with the direction indicated by the oil pump.
5. Check the ruler: The ruler is located on the front end cover of the cylinder to adjust the amount of shrinkage of the buckle sleeve. Clockwise adjustment, the amount of contraction is reduced; counterclockwise adjustment, the amount of contraction increases. The scale seat is pressed against the end cap of the cylinder by the spring force on the three screws. The ruler is moved by hand (the direction of the end face of the vertical cylinder). The scale seat should be able to leave the cylinder end cover flexibly. After being loosened, the spring cylinder is automatically pressed against the cylinder. on. Before starting to buckle, you should carefully check whether the scale expansion is flexible. Do not screw the scale to the cylinder, as this will damage the scale.
6. Pressure adjustment: The maximum pressure of the machine system is 20Mpa, which is adjusted by the relief valve. Adjust the pressure clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease the pressure. (It has been adjusted at the factory and can be adjusted if necessary)
7. Opening speed adjustment: The speed of mold opening is controlled by the diverter valve. Clockwise adjustment, the mold opening speed is increased, counterclockwise adjustment, mold opening speed is slowed, but the mold opening speed is too fast, which will increase the noise. (It has been adjusted at the factory and can be adjusted if necessary)
Above is the general flow of installation and commissioning of the hose crimping machine introduced to everyone, I hope to help everyone. Learn more about the product of the hose crimping machine.