Pipe cutting machine installation and debugging method

The pipe cutting machine plays an important role in the production process of the hydraulic pipe. As a professional pipe cutting machine manufacturer, we will introduce the precautions in the process of installation and commissioning of the pipe cutting machine.
1. Machine installation of pipe cutting machine: The machine tool of automatic pipe cutting machine must be placed on the concrete floor which has been levelly painted. Fix the level by bolting the ground according to the screw hole of the machine base.
2. Connect the power supply and air source: This machine adopts three-phase four-wire AC power supply and must be grounded reliably. The gas source is directly connected to the intake pipe of the machine, and the pressure is not more than 0.9Mpa. After the power is turned on, debug the steering, turn on the power switch, and start the motor of the head. The direction of rotation must be consistent with the direction of the arrow.
3. Install the saw blade with the direction of the sawtooth tip in the same direction as the arrow on the safety cover.
4. When installing the pipe cutting machine, please pay attention to whether the airflow direction is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the main body, and pay attention to whether the pipe and the tooth shape are correct.
5. Adjustment of pressure: Pull the pressure regulating knob up and rotate clockwise, the pressure rises, rotates counterclockwise, and the pressure drops. Adjust to the required pressure and press the pressure knob to lock.
6. Water discharge: When there is no air pressure, the water is automatically discharged. When there is air pressure, the discharge column is pushed up and the water is discharged. After the drainage is completed, the drainage column is released, the drainage column is automatically bounced, and the drainage is finished. When the water level exceeds the upper limit, please drain immediately or it will cause poor dehumidification.
7. Oil quantity adjustment: Rotate the needle valve clockwise, the oil drop is reduced, and the needle valve is rotated counterclockwise, and the oil drop is increased. Air flow adjustment, after setting the needle valve, the air flow rate is large, the amount of oil dripping is large, the air flow rate is small, and the amount of oil dripping is small.
8. Refueling method: You can do the refueling work without closing the air line, and turn the refueling screw counterclockwise. When refueling, please do not exceed 80% of the cup. After adding the oil, lock the oiling screw. Do not directly remove the oil storage cup to refuel.
9. Pipe cutting machine cleaning/replacement filter: Take out the filter and use it from the inside to the outside for repeated use. Remove the pc cup and wipe it with a clean dry cloth. Do not use any chemicals that will damage the pc cup material.