Stripping machine operation precautions

The skiving machine is a common machine in the process of hose processing. What are the things that need to be paid attention to when the skiving machine is working? As a professional manufacturer of stripping machine, let me introduce it to you.
 1. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to cover the protective cover to check if there are any obstacles before and after the stripping machine.
 Second, the cover inspection must be powered off.
 3. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether the rotary knife and the core meet the specifications of the stripping hose.
 4. Before starting the machine, carefully measure the distance between the rotary knife and the core. According to the measured length of the jacket, determine the working degree of the stripping, calculate the data between the rotary knife and the hose layer, and first test the strip with the same specifications. When peeling and adjusting the knife, it should be gradually adjusted from the large radial diameter until the stripping is clean before normal work can be performed.
 5. When the stripping machine is running, if abnormal phenomena are found, stop immediately and report the situation.
 6. When the stripping machine is running, the hose held by the operator should be balanced, and should not swing up and down to prevent the knife from scratching the hose wire.
 7. The rotary knife must be fixed firmly, and the knife should not be too strong. When the stripping work is carried out, it is forbidden to remove the cut rubber strip by hand to avoid danger.
 8. Individuals who have not been specially trained to perform the work shall not operate the machine.
9. After the skiving machine work is completed, turn off the main power supply, clean up the work site, and keep the equipment and the ground clean.