Solution to common faults of hose crimping machine

The hose crimping machine is a common machine for processing hydraulic pipes, but it is inevitable that various failures will be encountered during use. As a professional manufacturer of lock pipe machine, some problems and solutions that often appear in the machine are summarized below.
Fault 1: The cylinder does not move after starting
Possible Causes:
1. No oil in the fuel tank
2. Motor steering does not match the oil pump
3. Pressure hand wheel loose
4. The new device initially has no action
1. Add enough hydraulic oil to the box
2. Adjust the motor steering
3. Adjust the pressure regulating handwheel
4. Open the exhaust valve to discharge the gas and run
Fault 2: The system has no pressure display
Possible Causes:
1. Oil pump damage
2. Pressure gauge is blocked and damaged
3. The overflow valve hand wheel is loose
Introduction method:
1. Replace the oil pump
2. Clean the pressure gauge pipe and replace the pressure gauge
3. Adjust the relief valve handle
Fault three: cylinder crawling
Possible Causes:
1. The oil label is wrong (too thick, too thin)
2. The oil level is too low, inhaling air
3. Suction pipe filter blockage
1. Change the oil and open the bleed valve to deflate
2. Replenish the oil and deflate through the bleed valve
3. Clean the suction filter
Fault four: system noise is large
Possible Causes:
1. Pump inhaling foreign matter
2. Oil shortage in the fuel tank
3. Low pressure relief valve pressure is too low, hydraulic control is not open
1. Cleaning oil pump
2. Add hydraulic oil to the specified position
3. Adjust the low pressure relief valve to the specified value (5Mpa)
Fault 5: When the pressure tube is forward and backward, it cannot be changed.
Possible Causes:
1. The reversing valve solenoid burns out
2. The low pressure relief valve is stuck to make the hydraulic control normally open
3. The hydraulic control valve is stuck
1. Replace the electromagnet
2. Cleaning the relief valve
3. Cleaning hydraulic control valve
Fault 6: The mold block runs out of sync
Possible Causes:
1. The mold block and the flange and the piston cone are seriously lacking in oil.
2. Spring breaks and elastic deformation
3. The oil is too thick
4. Suction filter is severely blocked
1. Fill the mold block with oil and turn the mold block up and down several times and then run it several times.
2. Replace the spring
3. Replace hydraulic oil
4. Cleaning the filter
Fault 7: Proximity switch failure
Possible Causes:
1. virtual connection
2. Switch damage
1. Re-wired well
2. Replace the proximity switch
Fault 8: The front flange has abnormal sound when the pressure is locked
Possible Causes:
The front flange working cone is scratched due to poor lubrication
Remove the front flange and grind the front flange and the die face with oil
The above are all kinds of faults and solutions that often occur in the hose crimping machine. I hope to help everyone.