Hose stripping machine workflow

The hose stripping machine is a common machine used in the processing of hydraulic tubes. It is specially used to strip the outer rubber of the hose. As a professional manufacturer of stripping machine, let us briefly introduce the working process and precautions of the stripping machine.

First, the motherboard preparation before booting
1 Operators must be trained to understand the stripping requirements of the hose.
2 Check that the stripper and its power switch are in good condition.
3 Check that the rubber stripping tooling is intact.
4 Operators should wear protective shoes, overalls, masks, and gloves.
Second, the use of steps
1. Place the hose that needs to be stripped of rubber according to the male inner diameter and length.
2. According to the nominal inner diameter of the hose, select the appropriate stripping positioning mandrel, tool positioning tooling, stripping length positioning tooling.
3. Install the stripping positioning mandrel onto the stripping machine, adjust the stripping position with the tool positioning tool and clamp the tool, and place the stripping length positioning tool on the stripping positioning mandrel.
4. Open the stripping machine, hold the end of the hose at a distance of 90-100mm, and insert the inner hole of the hose to the stripping mandrel. The hose moves along the stripping core to the stripping machine until the hose is The stripping length positioning tooling end face, the hose and the stripping length positioning tooling can not move along the stripping positioning mandrel axially to the stripping machine, and the hose is taken out of the stripping machine. The first piece must be inspected. After stripping the glue, the outer rubber is required to be stripped clean and the wire layer cannot be damaged. After the rubber pipe is stripped, the outer diameter of the steel wire layer, the length of the rubber stripping, and the angle of the outer steel layer after the stripping of the rubber meet the requirements of the "General Parameters of the High Pressure Hose Assembly". If there is unqualified content, it is guaranteed by adjusting the related tooling. After the inspection is passed, the positioning size is determined according to the qualified size of the first piece, and the other parts are sampled, and the sampling rate is not less than 5%.
5. The length of the steel layer breakage at the end of the rubber stripping strip shall not exceed 2mm, and the excess shall be cut off.
6. Pay attention to safety during the transfer process to prevent bare wire from sticking.

Third, finishing the work after finishing
1. After the work is finished, turn off the power of the stripper.
2. Finish the stripping equipment and tooling, and the tooling is neatly stored according to specifications.
3. Clean up the site and keep it clean