Advantages of pipe locking machine and precautions for use

As an important machine in the process of hose assembly processing, the pipe locking machine has its own unique advantages. At the same time, there are many matters needing attention in the process of using the pipe locking machine. The following is a professional manufacturer of pipe locking machine to introduce to you.
Product advantages:
First, even in the process of operation, it can effectively achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation
Second, if it is under the same output power, and the hydraulic transmission device is relatively small in size and light in weight, and the inertia of the movement is small, then the dynamic performance is relatively good;
Third, the use of hydraulic transmission can better achieve the gap-free transmission, the main thing is that the movement is very stable;
Fourth, it is relatively easy to realize automatic work cycle and automatic overload protection;
Fifth. Because oil is used as the main transmission medium under normal circumstances, the hydraulic components have the effect of self-lubrication, effectively extending the service life
Sixth. As the hydraulic components are standardized and serialized, it is more convenient to design and manufacture and to promote them.
Cautions for use of the pipe locker:
First, the heat of the pipe crimping machine needs to pay attention to the heat dissipation of the machine;
Second. When selecting oil as the transmission medium, one thing to pay attention to is fire prevention.
Third. In terms of processing accuracy of hydraulic components, the overall cost is relatively high. Therefore, normal operation is required to avoid original parts Unnecessary loss.
Fourth, it is more difficult to find problems and faults in the control system of the pipe locker, and the overall technical requirements of the operator will be relatively high, so it is necessary to strengthen skills learning.
The above content mainly introduces the advantages of the pipe crimping machine and the precautions during use. In the process of operating the control system of the pipe locker, everyone should pay more attention to the problems mentioned above, and find and solve the problems encountered in time.