Brief introduction of hose crimping machine

The crimping machine is a kind of hydraulic equipment for crimping the pipe assembly. The crimping machine applies pressure to the matching metal joint through the mold, so as to crimp the metal joint on the matching hose.
The crimping machine can be used to process various hose assemblies such as high pressure oil pipes and brake pipes, oil pipes, air conditioning pipes, power pipes, etc. on cars. Withholding machines are widely used in vehicles, engineering machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding and cutting equipment and other operations. It is suitable for processing and manufacturing various types of mechanical high and low pressure oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, cable joints, car air conditioning pipes, car power steering pipes, etc. Particularly suitable for use in construction machinery repair shops, hose assembly production plants, hydraulic hose retail shops and other places.
The crimping machine is one of our leading products. The products of each model of our company have improved the hydraulic and electrical system skills. They are manufactured based on the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. The company's products have the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure, simple operation, advanced oil circuit planning, fast replacement with dovetail molds, high efficiency, and reliable functions. There are many models such as manual buckle, semi-automatic buckle and fully automatic buckle for everyone to choose and the buckling speed can be adjusted. Welcome everyone to consult and buy.