Working principle of withholding machine

There are various kinds of pipe lock products on the market. In order to improve the mechanical accuracy and life of the crimping machine, our company not only selects high-quality alloy steel materials for the locking mechanism components, but also adopts unique heat treatment process. Next, let's talk about the working principle of the crimping machine:
1. It adopts the double hydraulic circuit operation principle, that is, the advance and retreat of the piston and the opening and contracting movements of the mold all rely on the power generated by the hydraulic power source. It not only moves smoothly and returns quickly, but also does not occur like a spring return, which makes the mold not open and locks. In addition, the cylinder locking system is designed to penetrate back and forth, which is easy to buckle various special-shaped elbows;

2. The hydraulic system is composed of a motor, an oil pump, a solenoid valve, a pressure regulating valve and a hydraulic valve. It has a dual hydraulic oil circuit with forward and backward movement. In addition, a dual quick hydraulic oil valve is added to the dual hydraulic oil circuit to achieve more The purpose of fast return, and the speed is adjustable, noise and system pressure are reduced;
3. In terms of electrical control system, the control circuit is suitable for PLC circuit, it is easy to repair the circuit, easy to maintain and simple to replace;
4. Withholding mold and die seat adopt non-accumulative error processing technology to ensure that the withholding lines of the product after the withholding are evenly spaced, and there is no big or small head phenomenon;
5. For the mechanical accuracy and life of the crimping machine, not only the high-quality alloy steel material is selected for the locking mechanism components, but also the unique heat treatment process is used. Therefore, the crimping machine has a longer service life: it is inseparable from the rationality of material selection, heat treatment, mechanical processing technology and structure;
6. Theoretical requirements: do not take off the head, do not damage the rubber inside the hose, if you do not take off the head-the pressure of the buckle must be large, or if you do not damage the rubber-the pressure of the buckle is small. If the front end of the metal joint is compressed too much, the joint will be damaged. If the rear end of the metal joint is compressed too much, the rubber in the hose will be fractured, which will cause oil leakage in the hose.
In order to solve this contradiction, the crimping machine must first select a taper (0 taper) pipe press to make the data on the front and back ends of the hydraulic metal joint consistent to avoid errors. Hope this article can help everyone.