Maintenance of hydraulic tubing crimping machine

working principle  
The oil pump is driven by the motor and outputs hydraulic oil to push the piston in the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate left and right, so that the pressure block pushes the mold base, so that the mold base can produce radial contraction, and finally the module can hold the hose. When the amount of shrinkage reaches the value set on the control panel, the withholding stops automatically, the reversing valve automatically changes direction, and the hydraulic oil enters the lower cavity of the cylinder, which drives the upper plate to move upwards, so that the mold hole is enlarged, and the withholding can be removed. Hose assembly.
1. When crimping, place the joint in the center of the mold as much as possible, and do not press on the hexagon nut.
2. Prevent tools and other foreign objects from entering the tube head.
1. The hydraulic oil in the oil tank exceeds the effect specified by the hydraulic oil manufacturer when the effect is replaced, or visually check the oil level gauge. If the hydraulic oil has been oxidized and blackened, it must be replaced.
2. Frequent anti-wear lubricant to the moving surface of the mold base.
3. During the working hours of non-pipe pressing machine, please cover the dust cover to prevent debris from falling into the mold base. The pipe pressing machine should be pressed with no load for 20~30 times in winter to increase the oil temperature.