Causes of high pressure hose joint leakage

     The application of high-pressure hose is very extensive, in coal, petroleum and other industries. If the joint of the high-pressure hose leaks, it will cause great losses and even cause personal injury. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the leakage of high-pressure hose joints as much as possible. To prevent leakage of high pressure hose joints, we must first understand the reasons, so that we can achieve purposeful prevention.
    There are several reasons for the leakage of high-pressure hose joints: "о" ring is aging or deformed to cause leakage; "о" ring is not assembled in place, so that when two planes are connected, the pressure is not flat or the "о" ring is cut to cause leakage; The “о”-shaped ring is not compacted, and the elastic deformation is insufficient, causing leakage; the “о”-shaped ring is too deep to cause leakage. In this regard, it is necessary to re-select the "о" ring with the same outer diameter and thicker cross-section, or cut or grind the sealing surface with the spigot groove to reduce the depth of the spigot groove to make the "о" The ring has enough elastic deformation (compression should generally be between 0.35-0.65mm).
    For leaks at pipe joints using oil-resistant rubber sheets, wool felt, mild steel cardboard, combined sealing gaskets or sealants, no matter what the material is, first check whether the seals are damaged, deformed, aging, and rough. , And then take corresponding measures.
   The above are the common reasons for the leakage of high-pressure hose joints to share with you. I hope that everyone will pay enough attention to relevant preventive work to ensure the normal operation of the hose.