How to Choose the Appropriate Hose Crimping Machine?

This piece is going to introduce you the hose crimping machine, and guide you on how the select the appropriate hose crimping machine for your crimping needs. We, Orientflex, are mainly manufacturing and exporting various types of hoses, hose fittings products, the hose crimping machines, etc. The hose crimping machine helps with crimping the hose fittings. It is known that if we use the inappropriate hose crimping machine for our hose crimping needs, it might cause the failure of our machine. Or the hoses can not reach their designed working pressure and cause the broken of the hoses and the hose fittings. Thus, you might see the importance to choose the right hose crimping machine.

The parameters of a crimping machine need to be aware

Some of the hose crimping machine could be powered to achieve automated hose crimping, and also some of the hose crimping machine could be handheld. To choose a hose crimping machine, we need to consider the hose size range we need to crimp, and the crimp strength. There are some parameters of a crimping machine you need to notice including lock range, hose crimping accuracy, the system pressure, power, voltage, work efficiency (pressed hoses’ quantity per hour), machine size, and machine weight. Hose crimpers can be categorized in terms of the machine type, height, standard capacity, etc.

We always dedicate ourselves into the hydraulic hose crimping machine manufacturing and improving our techniques. Besides hose crimping machine we also can produce and provide hose cutting machine, and hose skiving peeling machine. We have professional hose crimping machine sales team. They are professional at the hose crimping machine, and have rich experience on exporting the machine. If you do not know deeply about the hose crimping machine, our sales team is glad to help you. We will recommend the most appropriate hose crimping machine based on your requirements and preference. Our crimping machine has many advantages including low maintenance cost, easy to install, the size is not very large. If you need a hose crimping machine, please contact us to find the most appropriate one.