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    Reasons for failure in crimp of industrial hose assembly

    The industrial hose assembly is buckled by the hose body and the connection joint, which is used to convey fluid with a certain pressure and flow rate, and connects the separate oil circuit units to make it a control system that completes s...

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    Brief introduction of pipe crimping machine

    Structure of pipe crimping machine : Weld a construction site with channel steel, the power end is equipped with a motor, reducer, and chuck (for pipe clamping, it can be replaced by a lathe chuck). A support seat (openable) is installed at...

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    How to solve common problems of hose crimping machine

    With the continuous upgrading and optimization of the pipe locking machine products, more and more enterprises have started to use the pipe crimping machine . When we use the pipe lock machine for a while, sometimes we encounter some small...

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    Optimal design and control of the hydraulic system of pipe l

    The pipe locker works using a hydraulic system. The power loss of the hydraulic system will cause energy loss and reduce the overall efficiency of the system. On the other hand, this lost energy will be converted into thermal energy, which...

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    How the crimping process affects the quality of the hose

    The most important process factor that affects the quality of the crimping hose joint assembly is the crimping process. As a professional manufacturer of pipe locking machine, the main buckling methods are introduced below. At present, ther...

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    Exposing how unscrupulous producers cut corners (2)

    In the previous article, we discussed how unscrupulous manufacturers cut corners. Today in this article we continue to discuss other aspects of their cost reduction. 1. Eliminate the inspection link The production of a qualified crimping ma...

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    Exposing how unscrupulous producers cut corners (1)

    Steel wire hose assemblies are used more and more widely in hydraulic and other industries. As a necessary equipment in the processing of hose assemblies, the demand for hose crimping machines is also increasing. And with the development of...