Product Description
Hydraulic crimping machine PR51-S6 is choice for crimping 1/8” to 2 inch 6SP hydraulic hose based om max opening (125mm), high force ( 6400KW) and steady quality.
Hose crimping machine PR51-S6 Special:
NEW foam inserts introduced to protect your machine from debris dropping into the bottom of the head. With there you will 
minimize the risk of debris getting into the cylinder which could cause damage to seals and other moving parts of the head. 
This will significantly extend the life of hydraulic hose crimping machine.
Hose crimping machine PR51-S6 applition:
Suitable for high precision pressing of low and high pressure hose diameter ,starting from 1/4″ to 2″ internal hose pipe.
Used rubber hose to transmit hydraulic pressure as there working power.
Used in building construction, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry, Car and Motor Industry.