PR-C51  is our company with reference to foreign advanced cutting technology, combined with the actual cutting characteristics, the development and design of new products.The core section of the product uses high number of special sections, which has the advantages of large rigidity, small thermal deformation, fast pipe cutting, low wear and tear, and no debris in cutting.Adopt balance feed system, make cutting force more even.The unique buffer mechanism makes the cutting process more stable and safer.This product is suitable for cutting all kinds of steel wire knitting hose, steel wire winding hose, adding cloth hose and cotton thread hose with diameter below 55mm. It is the ideal equipment for hose maintenance and manufacturers


1, steel version of the direction of rotation in the first 15 degree Angle of the steel cutting;

2, adjustable handle working stroke amplitude;

3, cutting (resistance) force typesetting save U notch is convenient to adjust steel sheet;.

4, and left a hole on the u-shaped plate did not end a convenient instrumentation was cutting hose length limit;

5, equipped with ChuChen canvas smokeless ChuChen purify environment;

6, matching the motor, fan and import Shanghai steel sheet;

7, to enlarge the cutting stroke