PR-51C hydraulic pipe crimping machine are mainly for small production purpose,precision and compact in design,ideal for most of your needs in hose assembly.

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Features of the Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine


Facing the problem that it’s inconvenient to add the lubricating oil on the annular machine, our

technicians add the self–filling oil cup, in which can fill oil automatically.

Considering the phenomenon that the hose crimpers are always use for crimping the non-standard bend.

We add the large opening and passing ability.

Moreover, we know that if the zinc on the working surface to lose, the working surface and cylinder will be damaged.

Integrated hydraulic system makes the operation equipment more stronger, stable, lower noise.

Product Application

Our crimping machine is applicable to the crimping of all kinds of machinery high or low pressure oil pipe, gas pipe, water pipe, cable joint, automobile air conditioning pipe, automobile power steering pipe, engine oil pipe, gasoline supply pipe, construction accessories and daily hot water and gas pipe, and is widely used in vehicle, engineering machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding and cutting equipment and other industries.

Product Details