Professional Crimping Machine Manufacturer

We always insist independent innovation on the products and constantly improve the capacity and quality. We make every effort to become a competitive and integrated service provider for crimping solution at hose and abroad.


EUROTECH® Crimper, provides multifarious hydraulic hose crimpers, such as portable, hand-pump, manual, mobile vans, vehicular, workshop, service, productive, industrial, large-caliber and heavy duty model, they are for different crimping purposes, and the special customized available. The crimping range from 1/6 inch to 30 inch available, Get the affordable and durable crimper for your repair workshop and service van!

EUROTECH® Crimper always supply the professional crimping solutions to all customers. Only use good parts and advanced technology to manufacture the best hose crimper machine!


E-Series Crimping Machines

Those crimping machines manly used for crimping all kinds of steel tubes, pipes, for varied forms, round, square, hexagonal, elliptical and other special forms, special custom-made dies available. This machines are mainly served for greenhouse structure, industrial tubes and scaffold. For help you choose the best crimping solution, deeply communication is necessary.


M-Series Crimping Machines

The manual hydraulic hose crimper is a lightweight crimping tool, however it can press the hoses up to 1″. This small hand operated equipment can be used without electricity, so it can offer the outdoor site service to maintain the small hydraulic systems or garden hoses repairing.


Hose Skiving Machines

The hose skiving machine is used to skive off the top rubber layer of the hydraulic hoses, to make the hose easily installed with the hydraulic fittings and sleeve. Just insert the hose into this machine, the process of skiving will be finished in 5 seconds. The range of application is up to 2″ hoses.


Hose Cutting Machines

Cutting machines have been a synonym for highest precision and robustness. Low energy consumption contributes to high economic efficiency, in particular in series production. CE-compliant brake motors and protection enclosures not impeding the working progress leaves nothing to be desired, even in safety issues.


Pressure Test Machine

Used for testing the reliability of crimped hydraulic hose assembly, the maximum testing pressure up to 200Mpa.

Hydraulic Hose

OrientFlex offer all kinds of Hydraulic Hoses, including SAE100 R1/EN 8531SN, SAE100 R2/EN 8532SN, EN856 4SP and EN856 4SH. We have the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We produce standard Hydraulic Hose and we can also customize according to your requirements.

Hydraulic Fitting

OrientFlex offer a wide rang of Hydraulic Fitting products to meet the requirements of various industries with high quality and competitive price. The following showcases our products and if you're interested in our hose products, please contact us and we are ready to serve you.