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Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd has agent in more than 10 countries and provides service to more than 30,000 users. We are a high and new tech hose crimping machine china enterprise.


Crimping Machines

Hose crimping machines mainly used for crimping all kinds of hose, for varied forms, round, square, hexagonal, elliptical and other special forms, The crimping ranges from 1/6 inch to 30 inch available. special custom-made dies available.


Manual Crimping Machines

The manual hydraulic hose crimper is a lightweight crimping tool, however it can press the hoses up to 1″. This small hand operated equipment can be used without electricity, so it can offer the outdoor site service to maintain the small hydraulic systems or garden hoses repairing.

Hose Skiving Machines

The hose skiving machine is used to skive off the top rubber layer of the hydraulic hoses, to make the hose easily installed with the hydraulic fittings and sleeve. Just insert the hose into this machine, the process of skiving will be finished in 5 seconds. The range of application is up to 2″ hoses.

Hose Cutting Machines

Cutting machine with high precision, low energy consumption and high economic efficiency. CE-compliant brake motors and protective covers do not impede work progress, even in safety matters.

Pressure Test Machine

★ Generates very little noise
★ Test liquid can be reused
★ Driven by a gas driving hydraulicpump


Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd(Due to the continuous development of the company, the original name of our company: Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. has been changed to Hebei Orient ADMA Tech Group Co., Ltd. from July 3, 2023.) .We are a high-tech enterprisewith agents in more than 10 countries, serving more than 30,000 users.

We always adhere to independent innovation of products, continuously improve production capacity and quality, provide professional crimping solutions for all customers, and strive to become a competitive comprehensive service provider of hose crimping solutions at home and abroad.

The most important thing is to cooperate with us, you can get the factory price directly!

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