EUROTECH Crimper, provides multifarious hydraulic hose crimpers, such as portable, hand-pump, manual, mobile vans, etc.

P-Series Crimping Machines

Only use good parts and advanced technology to manufacture the best hose crimper machine!
Get the affordable and durable crimper for your repair workshop and service van!

E-Series Crimping Machines

This machines are mainly served for greenhouse structure, industrial tubes and scaffold. For help you choose the best crimping solution, deeply communication is necessary.

M-Series Crimping Machines

The manual hydraulic hose crimper is a lightweight crimping tool. It can offer the outdoor site service to maintain the small hydraulic systems or garden hoses repairing.

Hose Cutting Machines

Cutting machines have been a synonym for highest precision and robustness. Low energy consumption contributes to high economic efficiency, in particular in series production.

Hose Skiving Machines

The hose skiving machine is used to skive off the top rubber layer of the hydraulic hoses, Just insert the hose into this machine, the process of skiving will be finished in 5 seconds.

Pressure Test Machine

★ Fast boosting with low noise
★ With imported pump and valve,safe and steady
★ Drive by air,machine no electrical

Complementary Products

Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic Fitting


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