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TM160 is the new pressure test machine launched by us with the advance technology from Germany.It can be used to test the reliability of the crimped hydraulic hose assembly, and the maximum test pressure can reach 200Mpa.

★ Fast boosting with low noise
★ With imported pump and valve,safe and steady
★ Drive by air,machine no electrical

hydraulic hose pressing machine

① testing cabin ② protective window ③ operation panel ④ solution tank ⑤ tool cabinet

The hose testing benches are used to test the pressure resistance of hydraulic hose assemblies, which is a key procedure to ensure product quality and reliability.

Utilizing German technology, the hose testing bench is driven by a gas driving hydraulic pump, therefore, it has no need for electricity. It is easy to operate, and generates very little noise. It quickly increases pressure levels, and the test liquid can be reused.

Hydraulic Pressure Test Machine Dies Specification

Test pressure Crimping force Max opening Protect grade Voltage Power (L*W*H) Weight
1600bar 2000KN 80mm Ip54 220V/380V/OEM 3KW/4KW 2000*800*1200mm 1110Kg

Features Of Our Pipe Pressure Testing Machine

  • Wide range of pressures: Our machines are capable of handling a wide range of pressure levels from low to high pressure, making them suitable for a variety of hydraulic systems.
  • Accurate and precise measurements: Our pressure testers are designed to provide accurate and precise pressure measurements, allowing you to identify any potential problems in your hydraulic system.
  • Durable construction: Our machines are built to last, using quality materials and components to ensure their durability and longevity.
  • Easy to operate: Our machines are easy to operate and feature user-friendly controls that make it easy to perform pressure tests quickly and efficiently.

Operating instructions

1. Open the package, and place the machine in the ventilation and dry house where temperature is above 10℃.
2. Testing solution injection. Open the front door and you’ll see the solution tank, pull out the tank and take off the filter cap, then inject the solution into the tank, keep the liquid level 3/4 of the content gauge.
3. Air source connection. The machine is driven by air, connect the air source to the quick-inserting joint on the left.
4. Preparations. Fit the hose into the testing cabin, please keep the end with plug open to liquid filling and exhaust.
5. Liquid filling. Close the high-pressure unloading valve, and open the fast-fill globe valve to start up the pump, then the solution begins to fill liquid. Close the fast-fill globe valve until the hose is full of solution. Close the test globe valve, and set the pressure within 2bar by pressure regulating valve, then open the globe valve to fill liquid. Watch the hose ends, and seal them with plugs until there are no bubbles, then close the testing cabin.
6. Pressure testing. Now it begins to test the pressure, keep an eye on the pressure gauge, after it stays stable, adjust the regulating valve slowly as per the air source supply to meet the required pressure, and pressurize it.
Note: It takes some seconds to show the pressure on the hose, please keep an eye on the pressure state, do not raise it mindlessly.
7. Finishing touches. After all the hoses are tested, open the high-pressure unloading valve to release the pressure, don’t open the testing cabin until the pressure in the system is completely unloaded, then remove the pipeline and clear up the cabins.


1. Overload test is strictly forbidden.
2. Choose the cleaning solution as required to avoid any contamination damage to the components.
3. Terminal checking the pipeline and joints for loosening or leakage.
4. Keep the solution clean, and periodically clean the filter.
5. Clean regularly to keep the machine clean and hygienic.

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