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Used for testing the reliability of crimped hydraulic hose assembly, the maximum testing pressure up to 200Mpa.

★ Fast boosting with low noise
★ With imported pump and valve,safe and steady
★ Drive by air,machine no electrical


The hose testing benches are used to test the pressure resistance of hydraulic hose assemblies, which is a key procedure to ensure product quality and reliability.

Utilizing German technology, the hose testing bench is driven by a gas driving hydraulic pump, therefore, it has no need for electricity. It is easy to operate, and generates very little noise. It quickly increases pressure levels, and the test liquid can be reused.

Hose crimping machine dies specification

Test pressure Crimping force Max opening Protect grade Voltage Power (L*W*H) Weight
1600bar 2000KN 80mm Ip54 220V/380V/OEM 3KW/4KW 2000*800*1200mm 1110Kg


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