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★ Supports internal and external skiving
★ Skive without winding
★ Make low noise


S32 is a new hose skiving machine produced by our company. It is easy to peel the outer rubber layer of the hydraulic hoses, operate fully functional, good stability, high yield, It can process hoses in a very short time. The universal blade system dramatically reduces the time required to change a blade.

There are 11 pieces of dies to support a common range, skive up to 2-inch braided hoses.


1. Do not let the machine’s cutting discs run idling for a long time to prevent the motor from overheating.
2. Please make sure that the battery is fully charged, otherwise the cutting process will be difficult.

Hose crimping machine dies specification

Crimping range Protect grade (L*W*H) Weight
6-51mm(1/8″-2″) 1.1KW/2.2KW 625*480*1000 65KG


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