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Types of hose crimping machines

In our daily life, we see from store and catalog there are different types of hose crimping machines. It is in a variety of styles and functions. When we wanted to buy one for our workshop, it is hard to choose. So, what are the common styles? The first type: Big...

How do you maintain methods of hydraulic hose crimp

Hydraulic hose crimp is a combination of various construction machinery, forming a collection of various uses in the body of equipment, to achieve multi-function machine. The hydraulic hose crimp is suitable for all kinds of mechanical high and low pressure oil pipe,...

Why big price difference for the similar hydraulic hose crimping machine

When we plan to buy a hose crimping machine, quality and price is the important factor we concerned. But sometimes the price gap is very large. We want to know which caused that and how should we choose? Quality caused: For different quality, the price is different....


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