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★ Portable and lightweight
★ Hydraulic repair mobile service
★ Ergonomic desgin
★ Crimps up to 2 inch


E32 Crimping Machine is our company newly launched a series of models.

Facing the problem that it’s inconvenient to add lubricating oil to the annular head, our technicians add the self–filling oil cup and oil groove, with which oil can be filled automatically.

The resin gasket between die base can protect the machine from debris dropping.

Considering to crimp the non-standard bend, we enlarge the opening and passing ability. Moreover, integrated hydraulic system keeps the operation stronger and more stable. The new developed operation system makes the crimping more efficient and accurate.

Hose crimping machine dies specification

Dies No.# Crimping range (mm) Length (mm) Dies No.# Crimping range (mm) Length (mm) Dies No.# Crimping range (mm) Length (mm)
15 15.0 65 18 18.0 65 20 20.0 65
23 23.0 65 26 26.0 65 29 29.0 65
37 37.0 65 46 46.0 78 51 51.0 78
63 63.0 78            


Dies are optional, not the standard dies.
Standard dies included are from #15 to #63.
The shape of dies can be customized.
Dies No. is E32015 to E32063.

Hose Crimping Machine Specification

Crimping range Crimping force Max opening Protect grade Voltage Power (L*W*H) Weight
6-51mm(1/4-2”)(4layers) 6400KN 114mm Ip54 110V/220V/380/440V 3KW/4KW 980*600*510mm 300KG


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"The tube crimping machine I ordered in China, from the order to the after-sales service, I am very satisfied, and the cooperation is very pleasant"


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