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★ Portable and lightweight
★ Ergonomic desgin
★ Suitable for no electricity site
★ Small volume and light weight


M32 manual hydraulic hose crimper offers portable crimping service to the remote site, it is available for the onsite repairs without the electricity.

manual hydraulic hose crimper Install and use

1. Add 46# hydraulic oil 50kg at a time (it is the original brand oil)
2. Locator installation: first plug the locator into the front end of the machine head (Note: the locator can be directly inserted into the machine head), and plug the other end into the corresponding socket inside the electric control box.
3. The use of the locator: every fall more than a week to press it into a 1 mm, every positive rotation is 0.01 mm, so on, the same specification rubber hose, connectors, metal connectors to achieve the required pressure, no need to move the locator, has pressed the specification, the result of compressed data exactly, when you finish root tubing pressure testing, you have learned, the rest is gradually practice.

Matters Needing Attention

1. When handling the locator, avoid accidentally crashed.
2. In order to prolong the life of your machine, is not an accident, be sure to add the original hydraulic oil.
3. Before each use, with a small painting brush head front cone in lubricating oil (oil or hydraulic oil).
4. Do not withhold joint with rust and tube, and prevent impurities fell into the nose.

Manual hydraulic hose crimper dies specification

Dies No.# Crimping range (mm) Length (mm) Dies No.# Crimping range (mm) Length (mm) Dies No.# Crimping range (mm) Length (mm)
15 15.0 65 18 18.0 65 20 20.0 65
23 23.0 65 26 26.0 65 29 29.0 65
37 37.0 65 46 46.0 78 51 51.0 78
63 63.0 78            


Dies are optional, not the standard dies.
Standard dies included are from #15 to #63.
The shape of dies can be customized.
Dies No. is M32015 to M32063.

Hose Crimping Machine Specification

Crimping range Crimping force Max opening Protect grade Voltage Power (L*W*H) Weight
6-51mm | 1/4″-2″ (4layers) 6400KN 114mm Ip54 12V/24V 1.5KW 980*600*510mm 200KG


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