In some times, there is such a situation when buy a hose pipe crimping machine: we want to know the price, but the seller does not offer a price for a long time, but asks us a lot of questions. At this time, we don’t want to answer the question, but want to know the price, what should we do?

First of all, we need to distinguish whether the questions are reasonable. For example, the seller asks how many voltage? How many phase do you need? What size of the hydraulic hoses will you crimp? Have you ever imported it from XXX? These questions are very normal questions, all of them we need to answer the seller.

When the seller asked how many voltage and how phase do you need for the machine, they want to determine the motor of the machine. Different motors have different prices.

When the seller asked the size of the hoses we will crimp, it is to confirm which model is more suitable for our work.

pipe crimping machine

When the seller asked whether we have imported from any country, it is to confirm whether we have the import license. If we don’t have that, it is need to arrange door-to-door delivery for us. At this time, the seller will also ask for our address to check the freight and quote us.

And then the seller can already quote to us. Of course, sometimes the seller will ask other questions, and we can answer them according to our own situation.

Of course, we can also ask the seller questions to consider whether the seller is reliable. Only with more communication can we know each other more clearly and cooperate more smoothly.