In our daily life, we see from store and catalog there are different types of hose crimping machines. It is in a variety of styles and functions. When we wanted to buy one for our workshop, it is hard to choose. So, what are the common styles?

The first type: Big head, no smart display.

We usually see this kindly of hose crimping machines. This style usually has two gears: automatic gear and jog gear. The automatic gear is to press the switch, and then the crimping machine will work automatically, lock it to the small position, and then open it to the maximum position. This is very convenient for us to repeatedly operate the same size of hose and fittings.As long as we set this mode, we can continue to work regularly. The jog gear is the machine will open ot close when we press the switch. This is good when we make different hoses and fittings. Usually, the price of this hydraulic hose crimping machine is cheap.

The second type: P32. This is the classic P32 style.

For customers who like to using P32, this is the best choice. This machine has all the features of the one above, plus an intelligent controller that records and sets the data for daily work.

The Third type:Ultra-thin smart model The head of this hose crimping machine is no longer large.

This machine is very convenient for our daily operation. For some large size elbow fittings, it is is also very convenient to operate. This controller is more advanced, can record and set more data, and is more intelligent.

You can choose different machines according to your daily needs. Don’t choose a feature that you don’t use because you need to pay for it.