When we receive our hose crimping machine, what should we do next? Fuel up, and power on, use it immediately? of course not.

When we received the crimping machine, it was packed in a wooden box. We don’t know what it is inside.

The first thing we do when we receive this wooden box is to check whether it is well and intact. If there is any damage, we need to contact the seller as soon as possible, and ask the seller to give us a solution.

After we check that the wooden box is ok, we can take the hose crimping machine back to our warehouse and unpack the box for inspection the machine. The hose crimping machine is generally packed in a box for the whole machine. After opening the box, we need to check if there are any damage on the machine. When the machine is ok, then we can put the machine in our warehouse.

Then install the accessories according to the manual. Add hydraulic oil, turn on the power, and let the machine crimp some times without hydraulic hoses. After everything is correct, the mold can be installed and the machine can be used.

During these processes, if any problem occurs, please to contact the seller to solve it. Sellers are the ones who know their products best. The after-sales service of imported products can also be guaranteed.