When we decide to buy a hydraulic hose crimping machine, and after our payment, how does the crimper get from the seller to us?

When the seller has received the payment, they will prepare for the production of the machine. It usually takes about 7-15 days. Of course, some sellers have stocks for the machines, in this situation, they can send the machine to you immediately.

There are two situations for the export process of the hose crimping machine.One is the customer imported before or they have the import license. The other is the customer first time import from other country.

For customers who have imported before, or they have the import license, the delivery will be based on the customer’s requirements. They usually take normal sea transportation, arrange LCL shipment.Then make the customs clearance by themselves or agents. Sometimes, some customers have warehouses in China because they often import, and the seller will send the machine to the customer’s warehouse, and the customer will prepare the delivery by themself.

For the customers first import for the machine, there is also some ways ship the machine to you. The agent can help you with customs clearance and shipping. In this situation just need you tell your address, then machine will be sent here directly.

This is the process of buying hose crimping machine from abroad. In fact, it is not complicated. You just need to select which type you are, and then operate accordingly.