We don’t want to pay full payment before the hose crimping machine shipped because we don’t know if the seller will send the machine. But the seller usually said that it can’t start to produce without payment, what should we do?

In international trade, this situation is common. This situation mostly occurs in the case of DDP. At this time, the seller’s thinking is that once the goods are shipped, they will lose the ownership of the goods. There will be risk for them. As this time, the money is not recovered but the machine is shipped. In this situation,what should we do? We don’t have to choose the delivery method of DDP, we can choose FOB or CIF. We can find a local agent to help us with import customs clearance. At this time, there will be a bill of lading, and make the payment against the BL. Then after the machine arriving at the port, we can pick up the machine by this BL.

Generally, the value of the hose crimping machine is very high, and the seller will ask for the full payment in advance in order to pay less bank fees. If we paid separately, we might have to pay more.

Actually, we can also investigate the sellers, do a Google search and see more information of the seller, we also can check out the seller’s website. Besides searching the seller’s export records is also a good way to know whether the seller is a liar or not. Generally, there are company websites, Facebook, linkedin, Google can also be searched, it will not be a liar. We can also ask the seller for the bill of lading of other customers in our country. If the seller can give it, the chance of being a liar is very small.

We still have to investigate clearly before placing an order. Don’t miss the opportunity due to our caution, and also don’t be deceived by careless.