When we see our favorite hose crimping machine then we inquire with the seller, the seller usually asks us a lot of questions. And some questions are private we don’t want to answer. We are importing for the first time. We want to know are these questions reasonable?

Question 1: How many voltage and phase do you need?

This is the important information of the hose crimping machine, and we need to answer it clearly. If we don’t answer this question, the seller may not be able to make an offer. But maybe we don’t know it now, as we are not very focus on that. We can ask the seller to quote a price range, and we will confirm it after we know it. Usually, the seller will understand us.

Question 2: Where is the delivery address?

This is more private for us, we don’t want to tell anyone we don’t familiar, but the seller said that they can’t check the shipping cost without this information, what should I do? We can say an approximate address, because the address is necessary on checking the shipment cost. In fact, in this kindly situation, it is not dangerous to tell the seller your address. Because the seller is far away in another country, even if they know your address, they can do nothing.

Question 3: When can we buy?

Maybe we don’t plan to buy in the near future, we just want to know the market. We just need to tell the seller truthfully. Of course, sea freight is always changing, and so are the raw material costs. If we are satisfied with the price, it is more cost-effective to place the order in time. We never know what will happen next?

Are there any other frequently asked questions from sellers? You can leave a message to tell us, we will answer you as soon as possible.