Sometimes, when we buy a pipe crimping machine, the seller always asks us many questions, such as: What is the voltage? How many boxes of electricity? Is 50Hz OK? Have you ever imported? A lot of questions, we don’t want to answer them. We just want to know the price of the machine and compare it.

But on the other hand, we also want to know why do sellers always ask these questions?

  1. What is the voltage? How many phase do you need? This question is a necessary question about the machine. It is to confirm what kind of motor we need, so as to confirm the price and give us a quotation. The wrong choice of the motor will make our machine inoperable, and the cost of replacing the motor is very expensive, so we must confirm these two factors right. Of course, when we do not know these two elements, we can ask the seller to quote a price range for our reference.

2. 50Hz. This is an element that sellers need and we identify. Generally speaking, 220V, 1phase, most of them are 50hz; while 380V, 3 phase has 50H and 60HZ. This factor is not about price, but about whether the machine is right for us.

  1. Have you ever imported it? The seller asks this question, which seems a little private. But actually they want to know how our goods will be shipped. If there are some customer imported, most of them do not need to quote the freight. And such customers will find an agent to go through the import and export customs clearance procedures. For customers who import for the first time, the sellers need to know whether they can make the clearance by themselves. If not, the sellers need to quote the price including customs clearance fee.

The above pipe crimping machine three questions are often appeared in our inquiryhose crimping machine , and the sellers also do not ask us casually. We need to understand the reasons behind the questions clearly before answering.