Sometimes we don’t want to need the hose crimping machine put in our workshop, we want to go out to repair some hydraulic equipment. What can we select in this situation? There are three types we can choose portable hydraulic hose crimpers.

1.12V/24V Type
The size of this hose crimping machine is 1/4-2 inch. It is the same as the common electric type. When we using this machine it is need to be connected to our car’s battery. Then it will working normally. This type is convenient for using outdoor, as we can carry it in our cars.

2.M16 Type
This one is very popular recently because this hose crimping machine is small and portable. It can be shipped directly by express. It is don’t need to worry about the problems with shipping. That is, as long as the size is suitable, this machine will be a good choice for us.

This machine is bigger than the above one M16, but it is smaller than electric. The size of this machine is also 1/4-2 inches. It is applicable when there is no electricity and we need to crimp something.

When don’t know which type should we choose portable hydraulic hose crimpers, we also can ask the seller for a solution. As long as we tell them our usage, then we can know which one is suitable for us.