Sometimes, when we receive the hose crimping machine, it is damaged, and we cannot solve them. And the problems are caused by logistics and so on. What should we do at this time?

The seller is the person who knows the hose crimping machine best. At this time, we need to seek help from the seller. We need to tell the seller, which part, which function of the machine are broken.

When we receive the machine, it should be a well-packed big wooden box. If what we receive is not like this, then we need to inform the seller. And tell them the current condition of the machine and which part is damaged, and we also need to take photos for the seller to analysis.

When we open the wooden box and move out the machine, we need to check whether the internal and external circuits of the machine are in good condition. And to check whether all accessories are complete, whether there are instructions, etc. If there is a disconnection, please do not wire it yourself, we should take a photo and tell the seller, and follow the seller’s instructions to connect the wires.

When we check that everything is correct and we are ready to use the machine, first we need to crimping without any hoses several times to see if it can work normally. If not, then take a video to tell the seller and discuss a solution.

When everything is OK, it can be used. Of course, if there is any problem during use, you can also contact the seller to check it and repair it.