When we want to choose a hose crimping machine for our shop, there are always many kinds of hydraulic crimpers on the market. All the suppliers have a lot of types in the catalog, even if we got the price, we still don’t know How to choose. What should we do then?

First, to understand our needs. There are different types of hose crimping machines on the market. They are different in application, size, or function. What function we need, just choose that machine.

Which crimping machine is best

Generally for repairing hydraulic equipment, the size is up to two inches is okay. At this time, we can choose 1/4-2 inch type machines. If our minimum size is smaller than 1/4, we can choose 1/8-2 inch models.

We do not need to save data, nor do we need ultra-thin models to meet our large crimping workload. We only need the crimping function, then our C32 style is the most popular choice. And the P32 also sells well. The difference between the two is that P32 can crimp a 2-inch 6-layer hose at a time, but C32 needs to be crimped multiple times.

Or, we can tell the seller our idea directly, and the seller will make a good recommendations.