When we plan to buy a hose crimping machine, quality and price is the important factor we concerned. But sometimes the price gap is very large. We want to know which caused that and how should we choose?

Quality caused: For different quality, the price is different.

Most hydraulic hose crimper looks same, but there are many internal parts are different. For example: motor, controller box, machine head, solenoid valve, etc. These parts actually affect the the service life and price of the hydraulic hose crimping machine.

1) Motor: Cooper motor can make the machine more powerful, faster heat dissipation and long service life.

2) Collector box: The good electrical components not only can protect the circuit of the crimper machine, but also makes it safer during use.

crimping machine

3) Machine head: Forging process for the crimper head, it will be more stronger, and not easy to crack after long-term use.

4) Solenoid valve: Good solenoid valves can help the crimper have a table performance and long service life.

The advantage of expensive type may not very much, but the advantage of cheaper type is only cheap.

There is another element caused the big price gap, very low price. The price is so cheap that we doubt the quality. My view is never choose it. No one will lose money to do business. We can’t image which quality it is.

You also can ask the freight for your machine. Because no supplier can control the freight, if some one’s freight is much lower, we can remove him.

crimping machine

The profit from trader

As we known, for the crimper if all same, the price of trader is always higher than manufacturer. So when selecting supplier, we need to investigate in detail. Then we can find the most reasonable manufacturer.